Don’t Wait to Be Signed: It’s All on You

Many new rappers, and artists in general, are always waiting for the telephone call from an industry producer itching to sign them to their label or production company. Too many “aspiring” artists wait for opportunity to come along instead of going out and attempting to achieve success for him or herself.


However, reality does not work this way. In short, Hollywood has misled you. No one will call you unless you make him or her want to do so. Therefore, you must make the effort to improve by any means necessary. Here’s how.


Develop Your Own Musical Beats


You may start out using a musical beat generator or program like Garageband or LMMS. However, sooner or later, you will have to graduate in a sense. Using pre-packaged loops and beats will only make you sound like everyone else. If you want to make a genuine and original musical impact, you will have to learn musical notation, music theory, and maybe even take lessons in an instrument or two.


You do not have to be a god at the guitar or piano but you should know your way around one. Playing an instrument, or at least understanding the theory behind it, makes writing music much easier. After a while, you will become more in tune with the music and will have a better understanding of what works and what does not.


Develop Your Own Rap Style                                            


Everyone has their own style when it comes to rap lyrics. Not only is this good when you need to differentiate between rappers but it helps introduce a sense of innovation and uniqueness into the industry. Eminem sounds different than Ice Cube, who sounds different than Macklemore.


First, you will need to find your rap “voice.” You can either go with your natural voice or you can create a rap voice to match your rap persona. Do not worry though. You do not need to decide on a voice right away. Play around with it. See what works and what does not. You can always change it up at a later time.


Second, choose the type of rap topics you want to highlight on your songs. Some rappers, like Eminem, talk about personal struggles and everyday problems. Others, like Nelly, rap about women and partying. The topics you choose may have an effect on the audience that follows you. Think carefully about the focus of your lyrics.


Although you can always switch later on, you should choose rap topics that you want to rap about. The willingness to record will show up in the emotion and gravity you bring to each recording you release.


Be Patient


Rome was not built in a day. Things take time. No matter how hard you try, you may have to try for a little while longer. These things are not easy to predict but, over time, the majority of those who attain fame and maintain it, especially in the arts, do so due to their skill and hard work.


Keep posted for more information regarding the rap game. Now, go out and record the best raps you can. They will only get better over time.